Brimstone – The Forever’s Night debut album – is like a fine steak. seared with metal, and filled with delicious, bloody, substance.

– Random internet guy

Forever's Night, Brimstone CD

this music hurts my ears and has a hint of mainstream. They actually enjoy playing live too. so passé.

- Disapproving Neckbeard

We Are Alive

FN is excited to announce that we’re in preproduction for new music. As we record we’ll be releasing tracks for everyone to check out so stay tuned!


FN Pandora

We’re thrilled to announce that Forever’s Night is now in rotation on Pandora! This is very exciting for us and a great chance to hear some related bands, so make a Forever’s Night station and see what the Music Genome Project throws at you!


FN iTunes

Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far in our crazy music dream. As of today, Brimstone is officially available on a number of digital download services including iTunes and Amazon. If you haven’t picked up the album yet, here’s your chance to snag it digitally.


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